Blood Flow

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Blood Flow

Heart Contraction

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1. Pressure Gradient--high at aorta; low at vena cavae2. Heart generates pressure3. Vessels conduct and influence flow by constricting or dilating4. The autonomic nervous system changes pressure, flow and volume5. Input from brain centers and sensory receptors to the cardiovascular center in the medulla oblongata.6. Sympathetic nerves increase the heart rate and stroke volume.7. Parasympathetic nerves decrease heart rate.8. Systole is SQUEEZE; diastole is DREAMY relaxing fill.9. Normal blood pressure is about 120/80 mm Hg.10. Cardiac Output is affected by Preload, Contraction, and Afterload.11. The more the muscle is stretched, the harder it will contract--Starling's Law.12. Exercise stimulates sympathetic system to increase venous return, stretch the heart, and increases CO2.13. Smaller the diameter, the more resistance. 14. Veins have less pressure and so blood return utilizes valves, skeletal pump, and respiratory pump.15. Blood Pressure = Flow X Resistance16. Longer vessels have more resistance such as in obese people.17. Viscous blood increases resistance.

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Blood Flow

Causes low blood flow: 1. Damage to vascular system. 2.Narrowing of arteries. 3. Obstructed flow due to muscle thickening 4. Sugar in blood-Hi viscosity. 5. Low amount of blood

Causes high blood flow: 1. Some drugs2. Increase in cardiac output3. Dilation of skeletal vessels4. Low viscosity

Blood Flow =Blood Pressure/ResistanceLonger vessel:more resistanceHigher viscosity: more resistanceSmaller the diameter of vessel:more resistance

Blood Flow


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