Blood falls

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Earth Sciences

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Blood falls


Facts:· Located in AntarcticaFive stories high· Goes from the Taylor Glacier to Lake Bonney· Very cold, often below 0 degrees Celsius.· Saltwater lake· Very little oxygen for any living things to live.· Very dark· There has been 17 types of Microbes that are able to breathe on Ferric IronDocumented in 1911 by Thomas Griffith Taylor

Mysteries and research

Bacteria turns Blood Falls' water red.Plankton turned the water red.Blood Falls is super rich in iron, causing the water to turn redFive million years ago, sea levels rose, flooding East Antarctica and forming a salty lake.


Blood Falls

Since microbes live in these conditions,it could lead to life on Mars or even on theJupiter moon Europa where they have a similar climate as blood falls.It could explain how ancient life could have survived the ice age.


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