Blood doping and steroid use

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Blood doping and steroid use

Blood doping and Steroids use.....

People might think anabolic steroids are helpful, but they can cause serious side effects, such asheart attack, and many other badproblems. Steroids are just things that make you a machine. They can cause things like changing Hormone levels as well. 20 percent of the American football players are said to use steroids (

This person on the left is a really famous cycler. He is called Lance Armstrong. He used steroids in a tournament called Tour De France. He won first place, but people found out that Lance Armstrong used steroids.

Steroids are just pieces of medicine that make your body like a machine, because steroids make your body bigger, stronger and faster. And they can cause hormone change as well, such as boys starting to develop girls hormones, and girls developing boys hormones. Hormones are things that make a boy a boy and a girl a girl.

By: Steven Han


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