Blood Cells and Plasma

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Human Anatomy

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Blood Cells and Plasma

RBC's carry oxegen and transport waste Co2! This is a picture of RBC's.

There are 6000-9000 WBC's per microliter of blood! Which are not as plentiful as the RBC's. This is represented in the picture above.

The average amount of RBD's have in their body at one time is 25 trillion. When RBC's get old they are broken up in the spleen, liver, and in the bone marrow!

Blood Cells & Plasma

RBC's are made in bone marrow. 2milllion per second! Bone marrow is labled in the picture above!

WBC's are aslo called Luekocytes!

Their are five diffrent WBC's, they are shown and named above.

In the picture above it shows the yellowish color of the plasma, and that it makes up 55% of blood.


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