Blood And Its Components

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Blood And Its Components

Blood -Consists of formed elements (cells) suspended & carried in plasma (fluid part)-Total blood volume is about 5L-Plasma is straw-colored liquid consisting of H20 & dissolved solutes


White Blood Cells

Blood clotting

Plasma: is a pale yellow liquid medium consisting of about 91% water, 7% proteins, 1% ions and 1% of transported substances such as waste products of metabolism

Plasma Proteins: is a mixture of proteins, enzymes, nutrients, wastes, hormones, and gases Three types: albumins, globulins, & firinogenAlbumins: maintains blood volume and pressure, help substances dissolve by binding to them, important role in plasma transportGlobulins: are subdivided into three classes, alpha, beta, gammaincluding high-density lipoproteins (HDL) alpha- 1 globulinand low-density lipoproteins (LDL) beta-1 globulinplays an important role in the regulation of cholesterolFibrinogen: a soluble of a sticky protein called fibrin, forms the framework of a blood clot, which plays a key role in coagulation of blood

Formed Elements-Are made up of blood cells and platelets: -erythrocytes (RBCs) & leukocytes (WBCs)-RBCs are flattened biconcave discs -Shape provides increased surface area for diffusion -Lack nuclei & mitochondria -Each RBC contains 280 million hemoglobins

Components of Blood


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