Block Island project

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Block Island project

The names of the 13 beaches they have at Block Island are Crescent Beach, Kid Beach, Ballard's Beach, Fred Benson Town Beach, Scotch Beach, Mansion Beach, Vail Beach, Black Rock Beach, Dorry's Cove Beach, Charlestown Beach, Coast Guard Beach and West Beach and th Mohegan Bluffs Beach. These beaches add to make up 17 miles of Block Islands total perimeter.

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The people that live on Block Island have the same things we do. When you go to this Island, it is basically like being on the mainland but the only difference is that you are surrounded by water. Living on Block Island, you would do the same daily routines such as going to work, going to school, after school activities, shopping and going to the beaches. Since they have so many beaches, they are more likely to go more than we do but that is the only thing that is different from living on the "mainland."

Some activities they have for people on Block Island are scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, sports, horseback riding, sailing, live entertainment, banana boats and charter boats. Some other things they have are nature trails, and these include, Hiking & Birdwatching, Trail Hikes, Clay Head Hill Trail, Elizabeth Dickens Trail, Fresh Swamp Trail, The Greenway, Hodge Family Preserve, Fresh Pond Greenway, Beach Hikes, and Road Hikes.

They have some petting zoos and farms that you can go to on Block Island to see many different animals. Not many animals are native there so some animals that people have taken there are llamas, sheep, goats, emus, camels, ducks, swans, donkeys, Scottish Highland Steers, fainting goats, and a zebu. These are only some of the animals that the island has to offer. They do not have the same animals we do here. For example, they do not have any squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, possums or racoons. But some animals they do have are deer, muskrat, mice, rats, turtles, and the occasional snake.


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