Blippar Assignment

by yourteach
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Blippar Assignment

Blippar/Touch Cast Assignment





Instructions:1. You will be creating your own product to blippar. 2. Your Blippar will have to contain 4 images or more.3. The product can contain music, video, information or even a game for your user to enjoy.4. The Blippar product must have the blippar decal on it. 5. Your product will be placed on the board for your fellow students to Blippar to critique your work.Then with Touch Cast:1. You will be placed in pairs.2. In your Touch Cast Video you will be assigned a genre to demonstrate.3. You will script and design your genre to make into a movie video. It must include 2 out of the four above text structure features in your design.4. You will have a commercial break and in that time frame make reference to your product in the form of a commercial.5. Your commercial must include: A summary of your product. Example: Its benefits to the buyer (list 3), its purpose, how it works, what is it made of (list 5), how much does it cost (list at least 8 things or more about your product)? Use your propaganda techniques to help you.You critiques will include:1. Your name, the product name, who was the targeted audience, would you buy this product if so for how much, what did you like about it, what improvements would you make to it, what was the authors purpose: to inform, entertain or to persuade, what grade do you think they deserve, what did you think about the touch cast video, what grade should they recieve, what improvements do you recommend, what was the genre? The paper clip above has the powerpoints for text structures and genres to help you refresh your memory.

Anything Created Must Be School Appropriate!


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