Blended Learning

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Blended Learning

We always had fun with science, but never had choices before. Everyone was always together. Now we can rotate through the science lab, work outside in the park, or collaborate on-line.

This year we meet in groups to collaborate, work on our time with our pacing independently, get help from teachers when we need it because there are smaller groups and work from home some of the time.

Last year, we went to school at 7 and sat in class to follow the teacher's directions all day.

One Student's Perspective

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We received our first assignment from Mr. Jones in an email along with our log-in to our new LMS.

We published them after we met in small groups during various break-out sessions during day 1.

We used Wikis to collaborate online.

Here's how we did our introductions this year!

Promising Practices for Flexible and Rotation Models

Click here to hear my favorite part as a student in a blended learning environment.

Click on the star to see a video on this type of blended learning!!

To learn more, check out the Blend My Learning. Web Site

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