Blended Learning Sampler

by pfeynman
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Blended Learning Sampler

Flipped ClassroomRethinking Space and Time

24 Minutes - BUTGives awesome resources and tech tips!

About GlogsterGlogster is an awesome way to organize digital content for independent exploration! It's Web 2.0 approved, so you can make student accounts and have kids use it to make presentations. They LOVE it!

Directions1) Start with the two videos at the top about making Blended Learning Work in your classroom. 2) Make sure to take notes in your graphic organizer. 3) You can pause and replay the videos as often as you like to capture important informatin. 4) All videos are between 2-5 minutes except as noted. 5) ENJOY!!!

BL Sampler

Making BL work in your Classroom

Flipped ClassroomCommon Hurdles

The picture is a hotlink - click it to go to the video!

Paul Anderson on Group size - super important!



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