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Blended learning guidelines

What are good practices to use? 1. Use backward design – start from the big principles (fundamental questions). 2. Create a well-defined syllabus that sets student expectations: include online activities + rules of communication + assessment strategies in the syllabus! 3. Tie online interactions to participation rather than a separate grade. 4. Online activities will take (students and instructors) longer than expected - plan for 'less' and consider time management (indicate the time frames for activities!)5. Explain your rationale for using blended learning and describe the learning benefits.6. Build a support system and helpful materials for using technology.7. Make sure that the use of technology will still foster reflexivity in both teaching and learning.8. Have a back-up plan!

Blended learning Design Guidelines

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Case studies in Blended learning



What are some considerations when using blended learning? 1. Blended design requires re-design with student learning in focus (it must be different from fully online/face-to-face courses). (Taskforce 1)2. Interlinking learning goals with selected technologies for teaching and learning (technology not just as an afterthought). (Taskforce 3)3.The online component is not an add-on or a duplicate of what is taught in the classroom. (Taskforce 2)


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