Bleeding Kansas

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Bleeding Kansas

Border Ruffians:-Pro-Slavery Missourians voted in a Kansas election to create a pro-slavery territorial legislature-Abolitionists created their own body of government

"I have only a short time to live -- only one death to die, and I will die fighting for this cause."-John Brown

Pottawatomie Massacre-May 24-25, 1856-led by Kansas Free-Soiler John Brown-angry at a pro-slavery sack of Lawrence, KS-killed five pro-slavery men in front of their families in the settlement of Pottawatomie-set off a guerilla war in Kansas and a counterattack on the settlement of Osawatomie

-War that took place from 1854 to 1861-Dispute in the territory of Kansas between pro-slavery "border ruffians" of Missouri and abolitionists in Kansas-Would Kansas become a free state or a slave state?-Pro-Slavery Constitutional Convention vs. Anti-Slavery Legislature

Bleeding Kansas

Border Ruffians vs. Abolitionists

Lecompton Constitution:-created by the Pro-Slavery Constitutional convention in 1857-made Kansas a slave state-abolitionists boycotted it-President Buchanan threw his support behind the constitution-Anti-Slavery governor held his own election, which was boycotted by those in favor of slavery-results showed majority against slavery-however, Buchanan's support allowed the document to pass through the Senate-a final popular vote was held, and the people of Kansas once more denied slavery on August 2, 1858



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