Blast to The Past,The Nifty 50s

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Social Studies
American History

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Blast to The Past,The Nifty 50s

Blast to The Past



Conformity: Fitting into social standardsBaby Boom: Increase in birth rate after WW2Suburbs: Resedential outside of a cityConsumerism: Potecting the interest of consumersGenders Roles: Women were expected and run the household, while men made the money and made most important decisons.Resurgence in Religion: restored importance in religionBomb Shelter: Underground chamber to protect from possible attackTruman/Eisenhower:Presidents during the Cold War and 1950s

Night Shift:Slumber PartyHound: BusNest: HairdoFuzzy Duck- Short haired womanYoot-YoungsterHit The Bottle- Bleach your hairSlurg-MilkshakeMush-HomeworkSchooch- FriendNest: HairdoBackseat Bingo-kissing in the backseat

Elvis Presley

Bing Crosby

Early Rock'n'Roll Star

Frank Sinatra

Leave It To Beaver

Important Terms

Elvis Presley- Blue Suede Shoes

I Love Lucy

News Clip with Walter Cronkite

1950s Fashion

Early Crooners

The Nifty 50s



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