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What are the best and worst Airlines in the USA?

If you have traveled on a flight before, you must be aware of the challenges that come along. Like the baggage, boarding queue, check-in process, and a lot more. And apart from everything, if you are a frequent flyer, you must be looking for airlines' options to travel in 2021and what airlines to avoid. Follow the list and get yourself the best flight experience without any hassle. If you are traveling with American Airlines Reservations, let's find out its ranking. Criteria for the Best Airlines Every list of best and worst does follow specific criteria options to beneficiate them according to their service. Hence we have curated this by following the standards that include safety, convenience, Price, Amenities, and complaints. Let's find out which airlines follow all these policies and have scored the highest in them. Price Price is a significant factor that an average traveler considers before purchasing his ticket. The best airlines are the one that has low price rates for airfares without sacrificing the quality of services. Since the criterion is somewhat tricky to compare because different airlines offer different flights, experts compare each passenger's amount per mile of their journey. You can also consider if there are any extra fees for changing the flight, baggage, etc. Amenities Extra amenities and attention to the smallest details are also considered when evaluating the best and worst U.S. airlines. The availability of Wi-Fi onboard, snacks and beverages, the price and quality of food, and the entertainment you'll be getting inflight can determine how good or bad your flight will be. Complaints Complaints are also a factor we considered to develop the best and worst airline in the U.S. This is the number of complaints passengers have made to the airline about things like lost baggage. Though some complaints are common even with popular airlines, some negative reviews like ticket overselling and how the staff handles passengers is something else. Best Airline in the USA Apart from everything, what falls and covers every aspect of our criteria, is Southwest Airlines. It is indeed the best airline with the inflight service level that it offers at a fair price. They have won the heart of many travelers by being the most honest and fair airline. The level of service it offers and the amount of deals and discounts it provides that helps passengers grab the cheapest flying option makes it the finest airline in the United States. So grab on to the American Airlines booking and have the best flying experience at affordable rates. The Worst Airlines of the United States American Airlines has been one of the largest airlines in the United States, although it has become one of the worst airlines due to unavoidable mishaps. Even though the airline isn't that bad, they need to work on some of their policies to offer a pleasurable traveling experience. They need to work on their frequent flyer program, provide better deals, and need better customer service experts to handle their furious customers. You may contact American Airlines numero de Telefono by dialing 800-433-7300 and reach their representative in no time. American Airlines Telefono can be the game-changer for the airlines if they work hard and resolve most of their customer's queries.



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