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Unknown Facts of Plagiarism How to check it?

As a student, you must know that plagiarism is the antagonist of your writing integrity. It saves you from the act of copy-pasting that can decrease your reputation in your academic institution. Even after knowing the impact of plagiarism many students fall prey to this menace. As a part of the academic journey, you probably heard of the word “plagiarism” and created quite a few bibliographies by now. Still following are the facts that might surprise you. Read the following article and put your knowledge on this sticky subject. Common knowledge and your knowledge that doesn’t have a match Just because you need to look something to put into your essay doesn’t mean that you have to cite it. Main rules with common knowledge, asked ten people who are the first person or astronaut to walk on the moon, and you will see that 8 people will give the right and other will give you wrong answer, consider the majority’s answer, this way you could safely say that the fact has a common knowledge and leave it uncited. Your ideas need citation too Many students fall into the deception of assuming that only a direct quotation needs to be cited. However, you have to give credit to the original source of the ideas of other people that you are suing or mentoring and if it is something that is so universally known and understood than there is no need to cite as it is common knowledge. For instance, Einstein’s theory of relativity. Paraphrasing isn’t a free ticket to pass Everyone hates to be a carrier of bad news but it is rewording the words of a quote or idea doesn’t mean that you don’t need to cite the source. And your professor can easily spot this trick of yours easily, so don’t be tempted to try it.It is possible to plagiarize yourself It might seem a joke to you but using your own words can be graded as plagiarism in a case if you don’t reference it. If you are using the same idea multiple times ten you must acknowledge your professor by citing yourself and the piece of work in question. Plagiarism can even catch up with a Vice President At law school, the allegation of plagiarism had caused the 47th Vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, and he withdraws his bid for the presidency in 1988(Dionne Jr.). It is proof that plagiarism can catch even the most influential and powerful person of the country. Colleges are offering the integrity classes to help combat plagiarism The university college of San Diego has an office that is particularly dedicated to academic integrity. Their mission is to stamp out cheating and plagiarism, moreover, enhance ethical decision making and integrity which is academic integrity. This includes the holding integrity classes and events, as well as they, are providing one on one advice for students and staff alike.  There’s a profit in plagiarism Regardless of the fact that it is completing forbidden by the educational sector, it even goes against the copyright law. However, there are tons of online agencies that offer assignment  writing service and are happy to help students with pre-written essays. It is easy to download a completed paper but the severe potential consequences might prevent you from doing it. Tutors can tell  If you think that you can cleverly sneak plagiarized work and past it to the tutor unnoticed, then you are wrong. Most teachers are extremely good at detecting a change in the students’ usual style of writing or academic ability, and other use anti-plagiarism detection software to double-check that all work is original.  It doesn’t just affect students As copyright law applies to all, it’s not just students who have to worry about plagiarism. However, the approvals for professionals releasing plagiarized work into the public can be daunting, with consequent lawsuits often runs into millions of dollars. Dozens of famous names have been accused of plagiarism including Helen Keller (Van Jaarsveld), Justin Bieber, and J.R.R Tolkien and many more.  Online tools make citation easy The good news is that plagiarism is not difficult to remove and there is no need to avoid it due to any reason. Simply keep good record of the sources that you have used or used online citation sites to do the rest of the work for you. You just need to choose the format style such as APA, MLA, Chicago and many more to make full citations, footnotes, parenthetical citations, work sited lists and annotated bibliographies.



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