Video games bring many beneftis to us

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Video games bring many beneftis to us

It is known that playing violent video games has negative consequences for people, including increased aggression and antisocial behavior. This strongly urged Congress to encourage our legislators to develop stricter laws for video game companies. Because much attention has been given to research on violent video games and aggression, the positive effects of video games have been overlooked or ignored. In contrast to the natural positive attacks that appear when faced with violence, it has been shown that a high bias against violent video games exaggerates the negative attacks that appear. This prejudice against violent video games is also responsible for masking the positive effects and benefits of video games in general.The new study abandoned repeated violent video game experiments and expanded research to find what could be gained by playing video games or video game rumors . Recent studies have shown that playing video games actually has a positive effect on adolescent behavior and development. Video games have been shown to improve visospatial cognition, increase useful behavior and improve physical fitness. It has been discovered that even violent video games have potential positive benefits that were not considered in previous studies.Benefits of for ActivitiesMotion control games like Nintendo Wii were once the answer to parents' concerns about video games that led to obesity. Research has shown that these video games alone do not improve the overall activity level of the child. However, there is some hope in the form of smart phone games that encourage children to leave home. Pokémon go is an example, but children can also enjoy treasure hunting through activities such as geocaching.Benefits of brain trainingMental training games which also called mental games are video games whose main objective is to help improve specific cognitive skills, such as the ability to respond quickly and memorize information.The effectiveness of brain training games has been discussed in the scientific community, and some studies have shown that it can lead to better cognitive performance, and other studies have shown that these games are especially compared to regular video games. It has been shown that it does not lead to a significant improvement. In addition, research on this topic suggests that brain training games often help improve cognitive tasks that are mostly closely related to the task of the game, but these effects rarely extend to other tasks. In general, the effectiveness of brain training games is controversial, but research suggests that these games help to some extent to improve people's cognitive abilities.Improve cognitive skillsAs you have seen, playing video games can improve a variety of cognitive skills. Regardless of whether you are actively trying to improve your cognitive skills, you can often benefit in this way. So, if you just want to keep playing while enjoying the winning, that’s fine. One of the biggest advantages of video games is the ability to passively improve cognitive skills while having fun.To Sum UpIf you are tired after a whole week working, you can pay video games to have a rest. Do not know what games to play or what is the edition of your favorite game? You can visit GameMite which provides readers with the latest games news and download.



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