These Are Our Sisters Part I

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These Are Our Sisters Part I

These Are Our Sisters Part IThe Founding of a New Religious Order and The Journey to America

Mother Anna Tabourat (1828-1903)Mother Superior after the death of Mother Madaleine and foundress of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary in America

Mother Madelaine Potier (1818-1864)Foundress of the Sisters of the Humility of MaryPhoto: year unknown but prior to her death in 1864. [the original is 2 ¼” wide and 3 ½” high – very tiny.] Photo taken by CHATELAIN 0 Rue des Dominicains Nancy

Father John Joseph Begel (1817-1884)Pastor of parish in Dommartin-sous-Amance and co-founder of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary

Villa sketch by Sister Odile Phibert, 1865Sister Odile accompanied Mother Anna and Sister Mary on the trip to Cleveland to ask Bishop Rappe for help. So dire were their circumstances that Sister Odile said she "disgrace the community by sobbing aloud." After Mother Anna's death in 1903, Sister Odile became the Mother Superior and was known as Mother Odile.

Mother Anna's Wooden Shoes and ViolinMother Anna brought these two items with her when she traveled from France to America.Photo credit: Rudinec & Associates for both photos

Map of FranceThis map shows the departments as France is organized today.  Dommartin-sous-Amance in located in the northeast quadrant of France in the department of Meurthe et Moselle (#54) in the region of Lorraine.

1873 Etching of Villa

Ohio - Pennsylvania MapThis map shows Villa Maria, Pennsylvania's proximity to Youngstown and Cleveland in Ohio.

Video: 300 Years of Sister History This 5 minute videonarrated by the late Cokie Roberts provides an overview of the history of Catholic religious Sisters' presence and work in America.



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