[2016] Louise: Blank Vertical Glog

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[2016] Louise: Blank Vertical Glog

This book is about two people and their 11th birthday, which repeats 11 times. They need to get their birthday to stop repeating.

Elementary School books that I love

This is about a girl who lives in a book until some one burns it. Then she escapes into her book's reader's mind.

This book is about a girl who moves to California from Iran during a hard time and has to deal with bullies.

I enjoy this series and this is one of my favorite books in the series.

I LOVE this series! It tells me so much about history and I still have the series at my house. This is the first one in the series that I read.

This is a series that I recommend EVERYONE reading. This is my favorite fantasy series. This one is my favorite book in the Harry Potter series.



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