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This is my all time favorite book that I have ever read. It's mostly about Franny and Winifred trying to figure out where Fixing Bob went and why he keeps sending secret letters to his son. It has a tad of mystery and is full of adventure.

This has been one of my favorite book since fourth grade. This book is about the three Potter kids and the Professor traveling to Whangdoodleland to find the last Whangdoodle. This book is also full of lots adventure.

This book is a sequel from The War that Saved my Life. This book is about Ada conquering her foot problem and her life with Susan.

This book is placed during World War Two. It is about a girl her has a foot disablity and her taking charge to save her life.

This book is such a good book because it is about a girl bonding with this white graffie and it is very sad so it makes you want to keep reading it.



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