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Bitvavo App Android – The Best Crypto Solution on Smartphone

The long waiting is finally over. The largest Crypto exchange platform in Netherland, Bitvavo, is now finally launched Bitvavo App Android, which becomes a breakthrough for modern people who have high mobile activities. Now, selling or purchase Cryptocurrency is getting easier since you only have to tap on your smartphone. Bitvavo App Android is very simple and user-friendly, making it easier to sell or purchase Cryptos.The description of BitvavoBitvavo is a Crypto exchange platform based in Holland. Holland per se is a place where the crypto market is located, or on the other hand, it can be considered as the Crypto-hub for Europe and worldwide. At Bitvavo, you get various Cryptos up to 50+ types in a single platform. While on the other platforms, you may only find the lesser option than what Bitvavo offers. In 2020, Bitvavo’s management had officially announced that their platform has already handled a huge number of trading activities and gaining € 296.000.000 only in a single month. Hence, you can conclude that Bitvavo can reach €10.000.000 only for a day working hour. This is an outstanding achievement that you cannot find in the other trading platforms else because it takes a long time and hardworking to be able to make it happen. The charge that is applied to the buyers over a transaction in Bitvavo is only 0,25%. The number is suitable for the market and the industry, categorized as the normal or even cheap fee over a trading service. In some cases, the traders are getting a bigger discount up to 0,15% per trading activity. There is a hint to get a discount from Bitvavo. It would be best if you increased the trading volume to get a greater discount from this platform. for example, the takers can get a discount up to 0,04% / trading while the maker can get 0,01% per trading activity  Step-by-step how-to buy crypto on BitvavoBitvavo provides you with various payment methods that you can freely choose by only tapping it on your mobile phone or desktop. We highly recommend you make some transactions by using Ideal, or you can also use the bank transfer. For better security, Bitvavo provides the pin code that you can apply to your Bitvavo app by including the unique number or fingerprint. Not only that, by installing the Bitvavo app on your phone, you can also get the feature alarm where you can use it as a reminder whenever your target coin is on the market. You can also set the ideal price for that. Once the ideal product is released, the apps will notify you, and you can get what you want immediately. This app is the best invention ever in the trading industry. You can download it on Google Play Store or Apple Store for free. Once you download, you can log in or make a new account on Bitvavo’s platform. All you have to do is fill the form with your real name, ID, email, and unique password. After that, you can explore the platform and make some purchases as much as you like. Confirm your deviceThe confirmation step in Bitvavo is not integrated. It means that you have to verify or confirm to Bitvavo if you access this platform from different devices. Why can it be so? Because this method is the best practice to make sure that the person that accesses your account is the real you. If you get the notification of the login attempt and are not doing that, you better change your password immediately and get help from customer service. This is the step to secure your account for advanced security: Tap on your name or profile picture at the top side of the page and then tap the Settings On the Security Settings, tap the Two-Factor Authentication and switch it to Enable Fill in the password and tap Continue You can also download Google Authenticator from the Play Store Scan the QR Fill in the six numbers that show up on your mobile phone  Tap the Confirm button If you want to adjust the Anti-Phishing code on your account, you can also set it in the setting section. An anti-Phishing code is a specific code that is unique, and only you know the code to access the account. The key to secure your account is only to rely on Bitvavo and never believe the person or third-party outside of Bivavo. Verify your personal dataSince May 2020, the Central Bank of the Netherland (De Nederlandsche Bank) releasing the regulation that every financial firm and practitioner in the Netherland should verify its clients with a valid ID to prevent and nullify the money laundry. Hence, Bitvavo also provides the verification section on their platform, but don’t worry, and it only takes 1 minute to 5 for the process. Deposit euros in your Bitvavo accountBefore you can buy some Cryptos in Bitvavo, you should make a deposit first on that platform. The deposit menu is located in the dashboard, and you can click it in case if you want to place some bucks as the deposit. After you click the Deposit button, you will get the form that requires the money you want to deposit. After you fill that form, you can choose the payment method, and the money will be transferred to your Bitvavo account immediately. Buy crypto with BitvavoThe best thing after you deposit your money on Bitvavo is you can purchase thousands of Cryptocurrencies on that platform for free. All of the products are having a low-price and low service fee. More than 60+ cryptocurrencies are ready to buy, starting from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, and many more! What is the minimum investment?You may get complicated or specific requirements of money such as $50 or $100 on the other trading platforms. I definitely know how annoying it is because sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of money trying right. In Bitvavo, you can deposit your money starting from €1 only. It is perfect for you if you want to try and learn the trading first without getting worried about losing the money for deposit only.



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