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Characteristics of the organizational culture


Type of culture

Individual - Stay informed about KPMG's laws and policies.  - Speak respectfully if something doesn't seem right. - Respond thoughtfully and carefully to those who raise questions and concerns in good faith.  - Enforce our values and standards consistently.

2. Standards: Guidelines of conduct, rules and regulations of the way of doing things Collective commitment  - We evaluate potential clients and third parties with whom we intend to work. - We address difficult situations by applying professional ethics. - We maintain our objectivity and independence. - We create an inclusive and prosperous environment. .- Helping our people to be extraordinary.  - Building public trust.

Consultative system: Dedicated to the participatory side, its characteristics are:  Decision process: People's opinion is the most important thing to define policies and guidelines. Communication system: Both vertical and horizontal. Interpersonal relations: Trust is fundamental although it isn't total or definitve. System of rewards and sanctions: The emphasis is on material and symbolic rewards, even when imposing eventual sanctions.

1. Regularity of observed behaviour:     The company remains in Bogota, so the characteristics and interpretations of the city itself are handled.

Organizational climate (treatment of clients and suppliers): To provide quality service to clients, to act in a legal manner, to maintain objectivity, to protect client confidentiality, to promote services in a sincere manner and to prohibit corrupt conduct.Within the organization among employers and managers: It is led by actions of integrity that include KPMG's code of conduct, respect and empathy, and protecting the reputation of workers.

They are 5 words that express in a more powerful and clear way who we are, what we believe and what we stand for. Our values are the roots of our actions and serve as a guide in our cultural journey -KPMG


-Integrity: Doing the right thing. -Excellence: Never stop learning and improving. -Courage: Thinking and acting with courage. -Together: Respect and strength from differences. -Being Better: Doing what's important.

How are they transmitted? Through induction, socialization, training, personal development, daily meetings where the focus is on what happened in the month, rewards and sanctions.

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Maria Alvarado, Danna Angel, Ximena Ascencio, Diana Molina and Daline Vargas

Philosophy: KPMG in Colombia is committed to give the best by promoting the education of children and youth in the country through knowledge transfer, as well as strengthening social organizations that seek to become stronger in the face of continuous changes in the world. (Organizational Culture, 2020) Rules: Established schedules and compliance with biosecurity protocols.

Informal and invisible aspects Values. Global Code of Conduct: It is kept up to date by the suggestions and observations made through a review, it is connected to the values, purposes and procedures of the firm. Sustainability: KPMG works to strengthen relationships with other groups and to positively influence the community, which is why we communicate the company's management and commitment to the community through a FY19 sustainability development progress report. Supporting our communities: We support through alliances with Foundations and Organizations whose objective is to contribute to the growth of society through different strategies. At KPMG in Colombia we promote education through knowledge transfer. Diversity and Inclusion Program: KPMG is based on understanding and respect, valuing differences and understanding that everyone is unique.

Formal and visible aspects Passion is what inspires KPMG's Private Enterprise to help drive its success. Objectives and strategies: To help mitigate risks and seize opportunities, we can drive positive, sustainable change for clients and society at large by addressing the needs of different non-profit clients. Our strategy:To strengthen a high performance culture in professionals through learning. Technology and practices and active participation in the sector: KPMG is trained in topics such as; media and telecommunications as well as actively participates in conferences of this sector worldwide. Financial industry: KPMG member firms have substantial experience in the banking and other financial services industry that enables them to provide quality services.

Cultural principlesThe 5 most important principles for KPMG are Respect for the dignity of the person, it is very important to work in a place where diversity is the strongest and more when there is respect. With a commitment to integrity in everything we do, KPMG employees always give their best. Continuous improvement in everything we do: Personal renewal, education and a drive for improvement are key to KPMG.

Strates of organizatinal  cultureStratum 1: Artifacts - Its services are based on the application of methodologies for the generation of value, based on the organization's guidelines.- Advice on human capital and organizational changes.Stratum 2: Bahavior guidelines- They focus their services on change management, organizational development, human resource optimization, talent management, and workforce intelligence.- KPMG indicates in its legal regulations that it will be responsible for the personal data it holds, so it will inform in advance of the purpose of the collection of personal data. - Its binding corporate rules, refers to the commitments of legal obligations.Stratum 3: Values and beliefs- 60 reasons to thank, personal and corporate goals.- Work and team effort to achieve each of the goals.- Express devise with respect and dedication, listening carefully and having a purpose.- Our priority is family.- Maintain the learning attitude and thus exploit each of the skills that employees have.- Having the ability to say NO when something isn't correct.- Courage and Unity.Stratum 4: Basic assumptions- Each of the people who work with KPMG have the ability to learn, to work as a team.- Thanks to society and the planet, where future generations will develop.- Project the image of a winner.- Living inclusively by celebrating diversity.



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