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Your paragraph hereJulia BrzeskiMr. BogertComputer Skills 17 October 2016 Zoo Chaos “What’s taking so long?” My brother shouts at the family while he’s eagerly standing at the door to the entrance. “Hold your horses!” I shout back to him as I step one foot out the car door. I was beaming with joy knowing that I was just about to enter a zoo called Virginia's National Living Museum. My family heads to the entrance and we walk in. Suddenly, I see a plethora of animal statues, colorful feathers, and many live animals. My family and I head to the front desk and pay. We receive a map as well. My Mom opens the map. She suggests, “Let’s go to the reptile exhibit first.” As we follow the map, I then notice a sign that says “Reptiles” I stroll under it. Since most of the reptiles are nocturnal, darkness hits me as I walked into the exhibit. With low lights shining at the aquariums, my brothers and I glance at most of them. However, all three of us are looking for our favorite the python snake. Finally, In front of us slithering back and forth against glass is a light brown python. “Wow!” My youngest brother exclaims. I then think to myself, “It’s the middle of the day, why would it be awake?” While pushing this thought to the back of my head, I examine the large snake some more. “ I’m getting the feeling that it’s getting mad. “ My brother tells me tugging on my shirt. Suddenly, the aquarium glass cracks, then makes a shattering noise. “Ahhh!’” we all shout as a trio. I grab my brothers shirts and pull them away from the snake. We start running to the other side of the aquarium to where I knew my parents were. Shortly, we come to my parents “What happened?” My mom asks us. I point to the aquarium speechless. In fright my mom tells us to evacuate the exhibit and tell the staff. We all rush out. My mom quickly goes over to one of the men cleaning the fossils near by. “ Excuse me? The python aquarium just cracked a couple of seconds ago in the reptile exhibit.” “Oh no!” he swiftly calls some other employees and they all rush to the exhibit. I peer in from behind the door. By now most people have left, but to the other people that have not exited the dark room, the staff says into a megaphone “ Please exit this exhibit immediately! There is an unsecure snake out of it’s aquarium.” A sudden wave of noise and chatter from the people occurs as they all flee out to safety. When everybody leaves, the staff closes the door with two specialists inside left to tame the snake. “Thank you very much. “ The staff tells my family and I. With that my family gets a free pass for the next time we come, for telling the staff immediately. In the end, after all of that chaos, I walk into the bird exhibit not thinking about the scary situation that occurred just a couple minutes ago. After what seemed like the whole day my family and I decide to go home, eager to tell friends and family about the exciting yet frightful visit.



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