[2017] Danica Reid: Blank Horizontal Glog

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[2017] Danica Reid: Blank Horizontal Glog

The college I chose is Ohio State. Ohio state is located in Columbus, OH.The college mascot is Buckeyes.

In order to be accepted into this college you need a score of 25 or higher on your ACT. Your GPA has to be 3.0 or higher

The school's website is www.osu.edu

Some sports at this school is basketball, swimming, golf, gymnastics, and tennis.

A class cost 3,615 dollars for the firsr year

To apply for admission first, you need to plan to test early, then, know the deadlines, next, sumit the common application, and lastly, apply for finacial aid.

Some programs at this school is Pre- Law, Pre-Medicine,Pre- Pharmacy, Marketing, and Health Science

Ohio State University

Fact 1:The school colors are scarlet and gray

Fact 2:Ohio State was established in 1870 and the first graduating class was in 1878

Fact 3:There are more than 12,000 courses at Ohio State

Fact 4: Ohio State is number 3 most amazing student union

Fact 5: Ohio State is recognized for using more green power than any other school in the Big Ten



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