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Electric Shock

Electric shock is a sudden discharge of electricity through a part of the body and it always needs emergency medical attention even if the person seems to be fine afterwards.

In case of someone being present in an electric shock he/she should follow the steps below.!

Call 911 and separate the person from current source

Check if the person is conscious and do CPR, if Necessary

Check for Other Injuries

Wait for 911 to Arriveand keep them updated

Call 911!...and after: 1.Turn of the power by unpluging a device if the plug is undamaged or via a fuse box or an outside switch. 2.If you can't turn off the power, stand on something dry (newspapers, telephone book, wooden board) and try to separate the person from the current source using non-conductive objects (wooden or plastic broom, chair).

When you can safely touch the person, check their consciousness level by asking open ended questions (what time is it?, what's your name?, where are you right now?). If the person is unconscious check their airway, breathing and pulse frequently and if necessary, begin CPR.

1.If the person is bleeding , apply pressure and elevate the wound if it's in an arm or leg. 2.There may be fracture if the shock caused the person to fall. 3.If there are any burns, immerse the burned area in cool water or use a compress. After you can cover any burns with a clean cloth.

Once the victim is stabilized, you should stay with her/him and try to offer reassurance. Don’t forget to keep the emergency services updated. Keep your phone with you in case you need to call anyone quickly. Monitor the victim's state as best you can and do not leave them alone.



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