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Watch thisto get an introon FBAs!

FBAFunctionalBehavioral Assessment

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Topic/Purpose:Think about a time you had either one or more students in your classroom that just kept disrupting classroom instruction. What did you do when that student or those students were disrupting? Would you of handled that situation differently? Usually when students disrupt classroom instruction, the teacher will immediately address the problem with verbal reprimands, punishment, etc. This may stop the student from undesired behavior in the short term, but soon enough the behavior will come out again. Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) are conducted to look beyond the behavior itself and figure out why the specific behavior is occurring.

Course Performance Objectives:

- Participants will learn how to analyze an FBA to determine the antecedents that set the stage for challenging behavior.- Participants will learn how to analyze an FBA to determine the function of the behavior.-Participants will learn how to conduct an FBA.

Curriculum MapUnit 1:Introduction to Principles of Reinforcement and PunishmentParticipants will learn an overview of concepts surrounding positive and negative reinforcement to increase or maintain behavior and punishment to decrease behavior.Unit 2: Foundations of Functional Behavior AssessmentParticipants will learn and participate in a discussion about what constitutes functions of behavior and an introduction to the direct method of functional behavior assessment.Unit 3: Conducting and Analyzing the Functional Behavior AssessmentParticipants will learn how to conduct your own functional behavior assessment and analyze the resultsUnit 4:Developing Function Based Intervention MethodsParticipants will learn and discuss how changes to antecedents and consequences of challenging behavior can be made and how to reinforce replacement behaviors.

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