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Social Studies

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* Every federal judicial district also has a US attorney * US attorneys look into the charges and present the evidence in court* They also represent the united states cases involving the government.

District & Appeals Court

US Marshall:Every federal judicial distruct has a U.S. Marshall. -Make arrest, collect fines, and take convicted to prison.-Protect jurors, keep order in the court, and serve subpoenas.

-Distrct Courts are the federal courts where trials are held and lawsuits are begun.- Appeallate courts review decisions made in lower district courts (appeallate Jurisdiction). They rule on whether the original trial was fair and protected the persons rights. Each of the 12 US courts of Appeals cover a particular region. (circuit)-The district court has original jurisdiction which is the ability to provide the first hearing of a specific case.

MaGiStrAte JuDGes

* Decide whether accused people should be held in jail or granted bail.*Each district has magistrate judges * They hear preliminary evidence and determine whether the case should go to trial.


Life Terms-when someone can hold office for as long as they would like.

Federal court systems

US Attorney

Precedent: model for other judges to follow in marking their own decisions on similar cases.

Federal Judges- Each district court has 2 judges-Each appeals court has 6 to 27 judges

Opinion: explains the legal thinking behind the courts decisions in the case.Concurring: one or more judges which agrees with the decision made by majority court.-Dissenting opinion: one or more judes that expressing disagreement with majority opinion.-Majority opinion: agreement by half the members of the court.



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