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-Nearmont High School-Football Camp


Author: Robert Lipsyte

Book Report

Name: Jesus Sanora Date: 1-3-14Period: 4

Protagonist: MattAntagonist: Matt's FatherTheme: Betrayal because Matt is given steroids which is the wrong way for the team to become champions.Introduction: Matt goes to the gym with his friends to build up their strength. Then, Matt convinced them to take steroids to help them get better as a team. His father is the one buying steroids for him.

Main Events

-Matt Rydek-Matt's father-Sarah-Tyrell (football player)-Football team-Monty-Ramp (other co-captain)-Chris (the new player)


Title: Raiders Night



Do you like the book?

Drugs are never a good habit and especially to be given by your parents. The decisions that Matt made were irrevocable. His father was barely respected by him. If you want to know the ending, Read the book!

I liked the book because it shows that sometimes it is hard to trust someone close to you when you think they are helping you out. The theme is betrayal because of what Matt's dad led the team through the wrong path to getting better. The book has a lot of connections to personal life.

The conflict of the story is that Matt's dad is making him think he is helping him by buying him steroids for the team to use so the team can get "better." The bad thing is that Matt will do anything to make the team get better. He is actually geting betrayed by his own dad.

Readthe Book



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