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What Is Electronic Waste? "Electronic waste, E-waste, or high-tech denotes the electronic items that are no longer in use by consumers, and therefore disposed of as garbage. Unlike garbage, much of E-waste is not biodegradable, nor does typical waste pose large-scale health and economic threat (E-waste,2011)".

Effects of E-Waste: When E-waste is burned or left in landfills it allows carbon dioxide, methane emission, and other hazardous chemicals to be released. These chemicals can seep into drinking water, air, soil, and contribute to acid rain. When these chemicals seep were it shouldn’t it can get into the immune system of humans and animals that come in contact with the contamination (Vosses,2011).

Proper Ways of Recycling E-Waste: There are several locations that accept electronic waste so that they are properly recycled. People can look up where to bring there electronic waste by looking at the green electronics website located at ( Vossos,2011).

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Discussion Question: How has technology waste impacted out environment? As teachers, how can we teach future technology buyers to get rid of technology waste properly and save our environment?

How is E-Waste Recycled? A large percentage of the United States e-waste ends up in landfills. A small percentage of E-waste is sent to recycling companies. When products are sent here there is little environmental impact and little health hazards’. It is more expensive for companies to send the products to recycling plants than it is to send them oversees. There is a significant price cut to let oversees workers break down the E=waste. Sending these products oversees does not allow the proper discarding process to be conducted (Nations,2011).

Environmental Impact of Technology Waste



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