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Hello, My name is Adlisa and I am part of the Cherokee tribe.

Cherokee is from Georgia, Kentuky, Tennesee, Virginia, North and South Carolina.

Cheorkee Men:The men so the hunting, the war, the diplomacya and they make the political decisions for the tribe.

Cherokee Women: The women care for the farming and the homes property and they also care for the family,. The women make the social decisions for the Clans.

The Cherokee lived in settled villages. They usually had homes by the lake. They ate the food that the women planted. Such as corn, beans, squash and sunflower. The men wore beercloths, and leggings. The women wore wrap-around skirts, poncho style blouse and moccasins.

The Rituals were that the Cherokee would dance at ceremony's. The would celebrate with their friends. The Cherokee celebrate Thanksgiving and New Moon.They would honor mother nature and gather around the camp fire.

Cherokee Childeren: The childeren played games, went to school, and helped around the house. Sometimes the kids would go with their father fishing or hunting.

Cherokee's Leadership was organized by having an unofficial government. Some Cherokee lived in ressurection. They had to trust one another a lot.

Indian Removal Act.When the Indian Removal Act happend, the Indians had to flee their homes. Most Indians refused to leave their ancestors homeland, but the government sent their army to kick them out. When the government 'Won Over' the land, they used it for their own purposes. When the Indians reported to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court said that it was wrong for them to kick them out and they did not have the right. After Andrew Jackson heard this, he refused to listen and continued.

The weather challenged the Indians because there was a lot of ice and snow. The Journey was cold. The difficult part of the journey was that it was over 1,000 miles to walk. The wagon, food, horses, and othr supplies made it hard for them to carry on. There were also many desieses spreading.

These are the Moccasins that the women made for them to wear.




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