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Trail of Tears Choctaw tribe. By; Hannah Danha.

Where do most Choctaw's live?American southeast, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida,

What were the roles of the woman,men and children in the Choctaw tribe? Men were hunters and sometimes went to war to fight for their families. Women did many of the farming, and child care. The children mostly liked playing games and sports (boys). The girls loved playing with beaded dolls.

What kind of foods, clothing and housing were spacific to the Choctaw tribe?Foods; Corn, beans, squash and sunflowers. Choctaw men did more of the hunting deer, wild turkey and small game. Choctaw recipied include cornbread, stew and soups. Choctaw dress (clothing): The Choctaw clothes in early days in Mississippi were whatever was available within their region. The early clothes consisted of a blouse and short skirt made of animal hide for the woman. Deer brains were used in tanning the hides. The men wore breechcloths and moccasins. When traveling, they wore pants and a shirt. In the winter, they wore outer garments of animal hide and furs with the lower ends of leggings tucked into the moccasin. The Choctaw men wore moccasins when traveling, but often went barefoot at home.Later, the women invariably wore a blouse and skirt made of cotton material. In the winter the body was protected by a shawl. Women wore moccasins similar to those worn by men, but usually went barefoot at home. For ornaments, they wore wooden beads. Both men and women wore their hair long - sometimes plaited, sometimes flowing loosely.

My name is Zihna, and i'm from the Choctaw tribe(:!Let me teach you about my history and culter!

This picture show Choctaw men hunting for their families.

This is a picture of the farming Choctaw women would normally do.

How was the Choctaw's tribe leadership organized?Today they Choctaw's live on reservation wihch is land that belongs to the tribe and is under their control.Choctaw tribe has their own government, police and services.

This is something most Choctaw women would wear

This is a stew,very common in the Chostaw tribe.

This is a very common stew most choctaws eat

Some of Choctaw rituals?When a youth wishes to marry, he goes to find the father and the mother of the girl whom he desires. After having made his request he throws before the mother some strings of glass beads, and before the father a breechcloth. If they take the presents it is a sign of their consent, and then the youth leads the girl away to his home without other ceremonyThroughout their history, Choctaws have hunted wild game to supplement the food that they were able to grow. Hunting maybe less important for survival today, but it is no less important as a sport. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, and game birds such as doves and turkeys are hunted. Most Choctaw hunters today use the same kind of weapons as their non-Indian counterparts, but this has not always been the case. Blowguns and rabbit sticks were once used.The blowgun, a hollow cane anywhere from five to seven feet long, was used to kill small game usually birds. The hunter blows to propel a dart, carved from wood and padded with cotton or thistledown, through the cane.

What were some of the effects of the indian removal act? Many indians died on the journey of starvation and because of the freezing tempurature. Because of the cold tempurature it was hard to get heated food for everyone. Indians had to move from their homes to different land which was also frustrating since of all of their belongings. Since the American army found the land they decided to move everyone. There were many diseases that were hard to treat. Many people died of exhaution and had to travel on foot.

What happened as a result of the Supreme court ruling?The Supreme Cort proved an abel partner in the progress by overthrowing treaty guarantees and expanding congressional power.

After the Indian removal act, what did the Supreme court rule on? In the past, Choctaws were lead by a council made up of two cheifs from each Choctaw band. Today, the Choctaw cheif and councilmembers are elected like in today's modern time.



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