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1.) The truth about suffering suffering life or dissatisfaction, even the most privileged lives suffer.2.)The truth of desire suffering is caused by desire,specifically unenlightened desire.3.)The truth of the cessation of desire- when unelightened desire is ceased or eliminated from life.4.)The truth of the 8th foldpath desire is enlightened through right speech,right action,right livelihood, right effort,right mindfulness, right concentration, right understanding and right resolve.

1.)Dukkh all temporary things and states are unsatisfying.2.) The start of dukkha: yet we crave and cling to these things and states.3.)The end of dukkha if we stop craving and cling , we won't be reborn.4.)How to end Dukkha by following Buddhist path, practicing mindfulness and meditation helps selfcontrol.

4 Noble Truths

4 Noble Truths Vs 8th Fold Path.



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