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Blanche Bruce

Blanche K. Bruce had many accomplishments and contributions to the African American community. When he gained his freedom during the Civil War by escaping from Missouri to Kansas he moved to Lawrence. There he opened a school for black children. Not to long after that the state abolished slavery, so he then opened a school for freedman in Hannibal. In 1869 Blanche moved to Floreyville in Bolivar County Mississppi to take advantage of the things to do. While he was there he joined the Republican Party and began taking in large numbers of freedmen to the Republican Party. He was such a good leader that he was appointed to be ergeant-at-arms of the Republican-controlled state senate. Throughout the year year he became the tax collector, sheriff and county superintendent of education for Bolivar County, and a Floreyville alderman. With all that money he made from those jobs he bought 640 acres of land, which made him one of Mississippi's most prominent black citizens. Then in 1874 he named state-sentate of Mississppi.

What I learned

Blanche grew up on a small plantation in Virginia, Mississppi, and Missouri, each owned by his father Perskinson. He was educated, and working at a young age in tobacco fields and tobacco factories, while also receiving training as a printer. He came out to be the first African American to be elected to and serve a full term in the Senate in Missouri.

I learned a few things about Blanche K. Bruce. He was a strong man who tried to do many things, even though some didn't work out, he kept going. Even with those failures, he has accomplished great things.


Blanche had few challenges. Him just being African-American made people look down upon him. Even though people down on him he still came through to be the State-sentate of Mississippi.


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Blanche K. Bruce





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