Blaizen: 2n1 Skate-n-Surf

by MSTech001
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Blaizen: 2n1 Skate-n-Surf


Design Brief:2in1 skateboard surfboardproblem: Say you want to go skateboarding and surfboarding but have to carry both boards.soloution: The 2in1 board is a skateboard and a surfboard. problem: Dont know how to surf.soloution: Theres a foot padding that you put your foot on to help you skate surf. problem: Bolts from the board can get rusty.soloution: Waterproof bolts so when you surf they dont get rusty and fall apart. problem:skateboard doesnt floatsoloution:skate board can float and is heavy enough to skate This technology makes our lives better because if your skateboarding and you want to go surfing then you can just go straight into the water to surf without having to go back home.

Design Specifications:If you didnt know how to skate or surf theres a grip tape thats rubbere that you put your foot on and is used to skate and surf. Theres waterproof bolts so when you surf they dont get rusty and fall apart,and dont have to buy knew ones. The skate board can float and is heavy enough to skate because if its too heavy then it might sink.

Hypothetical Test:1. To pass this test the board wheel bolts have to be in the water for 24 hours to pass the test but the bolts can rust or come off.2. To pass this test you will have the board in the water for 24 hours to see if its to heavy to surf. If it doesnt sink in 24 hours then it passes.3. To pass this test you have to see if the grip tape (padding) has to be cushiony and has to have lots of grip. If it does those two things 8 out of 10 hen it passes.

Description and Relevance:My invention is a 2in1 sport, its a skateboard and a surfboard and it is important because say you are board and you go skating. Then later your like now i'm getting really board of skating and you have your board shorts on, your thinking i'm going to go surfing but you don't have your surfboard. But you have a 2in1 surf and skateboard! The 2in1 board has a skeg on the bottom that doesn't scrape the ground when your skating and it has wheels of course for skating. the 2in1 board also has a attachment to it you can slip it on or off. The attachment is a part for begginers that you can slip your feet in to make your life easier.



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