Blaise Pascal- Probability

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Blaise Pascal- Probability

Born June 19, 1623 in Clermont- Ferrand, France.Died August 19,1662 in Paris, France.

He invented the first calculator.

Probability significantly influences today's world in many ways but particularly in Economics and Social Science.




Blaise Pascal

Pascal was a child genius, who was educated by his father. Although he was also a scientist, his greatest contributions were made in mathematics. With the use of his applied science skills, he invented the first mechanical calculator.Pascal helped to create a major area of research, in what is commonly known as probability. Pascal worked together with another mathematician; Fermat; they were prompted by a friend interested in GAMBLING problems.The specific problem was that of two players who want to finish a game early and, given the current circumstances of the game, want to divide the stakes fairly, based on the chance each has of winning the game from that point.

ActivityDecide whether each of these phrases are impossible, unlikely, likely or certain. Scroll for the rest of the task.It will be sunny tomorrow.Tonight I will meet Elvis.I won't be in school on Saturday.I will have pasta for dinner tonight.

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