Bladder Cancer

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Bladder Cancer

Signs & Symptoms:hematuria, dysuria, frequency, urgency, bladder spasms, loss of weight/appetite, fever, bone pain, pelvic/rectal/anal pain


My Patient:An 89 year-old female, has never smoked or drank alcohol. Recently diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carninoma on the right posterior wall of the bladder. She is T2/N0/M0, with high-grade, muscle-invading carcinoma. She is considered Stage II.

Medical History:She has had squamous cell carcinoma on the back of one hand, but it does not appear to be related to the bladder cancer; coronary artery disease and angioplasty; hypertension; hyperlipidemia; hypothyroidism; diverticulosis; osteoarthritis; cervical spondylosis; glaucoma; macular degeneration.She was treated last year for recurrent bladder infections and abdominal pain. An abdominopelvic CT showed a mass at the base of the bladder; cytoscopy showed it was as large as 8 cm. CT with contrast showed no spread outside of the bladder.

transitional cell layer is normally 3-4 cells deep, but can grow to 6+ abnormal layers when irritated!

TREATMENT:*Patient elected to have TURBT (transurethral resection of bladder tumor) as opposed to radical cystectomy*Radiation therapy prescribed is 4500 cGy in 25 fractions with a 4 field box technique, followed by a boost to the tumor bed of 1800 cGy x 10*Concurrent chemo with Cisplatin infusion

Prognosis:*Stage II carries a 63% survival rate over 5 years*Stage I is 88%, Stage III is 46%, Stage IV is 15%*(Radical cystectomy carries a better survival rate for muscle-invasive types)

Risk Factors/Causes:*smoking*chemicals*Caucasians*over 55 years old*males 3-4 times as likely as females

Side Effects of Treatment:* Cisplatin is highly emetogenic, must take anti-emetics* Acute effects from radiation--stomatitis, diarrhea, constipation, dehydration, fatigue, malaise, dysuria, urgency, frequency, cystitis, incontinence, blood in urine/feces, loss of weight & appetite* Late effects from radiation--telangiectasia of bladder, chronic diarrhea with bowel damage, early menopause or lowered sperm counts

Sources: ACS, Cancer Research UK, "Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy"


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