Blackfoot Tribe

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Blackfoot Tribe

The Blackfeet consisted of three tribes Siksikawa is where the name Blackfoot name is from. Piikani are called Piegan Blackfeet. Kainaa are called Bloods. Blackfeet were known for dyeing their moccasins black. Blackfeet where known to be hospital people. They have even let some people stay with them when they got caught in harsh winters. They became hostile when English came and started destroying the buffalo population and taking their land. They started going to war often to defend their land and conquering other tribes and destroying Europeans that were a threat to the Blackfeet. Blackfeet were dominant in America. Most of the tribes were against the dominance of the Blackfoot tribe but some allied themselves with the Blackfoot. Blackfoot held dominance because they traded furs to British merchants for guns.

The Blackfeet showed through their belonging such as their clothes,beadwork,quillwork, baskets,tools,weapons,and their medicine shields(to protect their spirits from evil).

The Sundance Ceremonywith the Plains Indian Tribes

Blackfoot Tribe

Before horses Blackfeet scared buffalo so they would run of the cliff(the jump)they depended on buffalo alot they used it for food,clothes spoons,toboggans,knife handles,and so much more.

Blackfeet and other tribes gathered togeather to do the sun dance.They worshipped the sun and nature.

Blackfeet picked their own leader to lead their band the could leave their band and join another if they wanted without any trouble from any one else this made disputes easy to settle between members of the band


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