Blackfoot Indians

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Blackfoot Indians

Blackfoot Indians


The Blackfoot Indians ate many types of foods. They ate meats like buffalo that was ethier boiled, roasted or dried. The vegtables the Blackfoot Indians ate were eaten raw or put in stews with other types of meat. They used onion blubs to make tea. A type of fruit they ate was berries which were very important to the Blackfoot diet because they were rich in vitiams.


The Blackfoot Indians believed in many gods. They also believed that everything has a God such as animals,plants and suns. One of the belief they believed in is named Napi or called " The old man" he was the creator by the Blackfoot tribes. He was wise, sometimes hopeless, serious, mischievous, and sometimes he's caring and sympathetic. The Blackfoot believed that all the power comes from the old man like we believe that all the power comes from God.

Marrigages and powwows were very important occsions to the Blackfoot culture. A powwow was a gathering where they shared stories, music, and danced to the beat of the drum. The Blackfoot people got their name by the colour of their mocosins and their clothing . Other people belived that the Blackfoot peopels feet were black from the ashes of the prairie fires.



The Blackfoot people were nomadic which means they travel where food is. Since they moved a lot they have a home that is easy to take down and put back up. The womens are the ones that take down the tipi and set up the tipi when they move. Putting up a tipi takes about 20 minuties to do. The tipis are made up with deerskin, buffalo antelope or moose hide. Every tipis have four long pine poles joined together at the top of the tipi were their is animal leather. The blackfoot Indians tipis were known for beautiful designs.


The Blackfoot men and women wore a hat named straight up headresses which were made up with eagle feathers. Another hat that the blackfoot warriors wore was called antelope horn headress the hat is made up with hide of a buffalo with one feather and porcupine. Nitit-tsi-tsi-kiin moccasins are shoes that have soft soles and made in one piece. All women men and children wore the same style moccasins but only diffrent size. The moccasin are made out of tanned buffalo, elk, moose and deer. In the winter the women wore skin dress that fell to the ankles. The women usually wore separate skin sleeves and leggings it is made out of porcupine, quilwork and elk. Womens also wore bracelets and necklaces they are made out of deer teeth. Men often wore moccasins, elk or deer skin leggings and wore elk or deer skin shirts. For speacial occasions they wore buffalo robes.

Education was very impotant to the Blackfeet. The girls stayed home with their mothers and the were taught to make different things like baskets, food, and clothes. The boys went to school and they also learned how to hunt with their fathers.


By:Tanya andAnne-Marie

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