Black Spider Monkey

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Black Spider Monkey

Black Spider Monkey

Why are we ruining these little guys habbitat?

By Claire Vise

They need our help

What are we doing to these monkeys??

Lets save these monkeys

Conclusion7. As you can see the Black Spider Monkey in an amazing creature so we all need to work together to save this animal from extinction.

Facts6. Some facts about the Black Spider Monkey are its tail is usally bigger than its body. Another fact is that they are rather social and are rareley found on the ground. Unlike most other animals these monkeys tend to live longer in captivity than they do in the wild. (30 years in captivity and 22 years in the wild.)

Human Impact5. The Black Spider monkey is sadly ileagaly hunted for food and their home is cut down for mining fields. These monkeys are rather cute but they are used in pet trade which is ileagal. Another thing some of us humans cause is a diease called Malaria which is spread by humans and mosquitoes and it kills these monkeys.

Apperance4. The Black Spider Monkey got its name from its spider like body when it has its feet and legs on four separate branches. These monkeys have long lanky arms and a grippy tail which is their main adaptation. The Black Spider Monkey is nimble and has a powerful grip even though they have no thumbs.

Diet3. The Black Spider Monkey is an omnivore so they eat fruit, young leaves, flowers and aerial roots. This monkey occaisonaly eats bark, wood, honey, insect larve and bird eggs.

Habbitat2. The Black Spider Monkeys home is east and south tropical forests. These endangered monkeys can even be found in Northen Mexico and they are endangered due to habbitat loss.

Introduction1. The Black Spider Monkey or Ateles Paniscus is endangered due to habbitat loss. These amazing animals have a red face and they are about one metre tall.

Put yourself in their shoes

Who would hurt an inisant monkey?

Why don't you cut down your own habbitat?

What are you going to do when we are extinct?

Becauseeven the smalest things count


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