Black Spider Monkey

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Black Spider Monkey

Ateles Paniscus

Black Spider Monkey

They create odd noises

The body is about 16-24 inches, and the tail is about 24-32 inches long.

Their hair is coarse, ruddy gold, brown or black tint; their feet and hands are black

They travel in forage groups of 35+, they rely on their tails instead of their hands

Their diet consists of fruits (swallows them whole), flowers, nuts; their low food supply consists of insects, bark, honey, and bird eggs

They endangered because of hunters and deforestation

Physical Characteristics

Endangered Species

They are involved in the Aztec calendar

They are found in tropical/subtropical rainforests in Eastern South America, mainly above the Amazon River

The estimated population is 2,000

World Wildlife (WWF) protects and supports the protection of the rainforests.


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