[2013] Tommy Hishon: Black Rhinos

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[2013] Tommy Hishon: Black Rhinos

Fun Facts Black Rhinos use their horns to lift stuff and they eat grass.The Black Rhino eats plants, no meat. There are also White Rhinos but both are actually gray. They weigh 1,760 to 3,080 pounds. They are about 6 feet tall. They eat trees and bushes. Mud acts as a sun block and bug spray.

Black Rhinos Endangered

How We Can HelpWe can stop buying medicine made from Rhinos and tell hunters to stop killing the rhinos. Show the hunters that they don't have to hunt Rhinos, we have other medicine.

What Are They Like?The Black Rhino is an animal that likes to be alone. It is very big and it has 2 horns, one bigger than the other. They have one baby at a time. It has a very good sense of smell and sharp hearing. The Black Rhinos eat at night. They like to roll in mud to keep cool.

Why They Are EndangeredThe Black Rhino is hunted for its horns. In some places like China they use it for medicine. Other places use it as a handle for a dagger.


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