Black Rhino

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Black Rhino

Black Rhinos eat leafy plants, branches, and fruit.Black Rhinos live from 35 to 50 years.

It lives in South Africa, such as Kenya and Tanzania.They're habitat is the grasslands, savannahs, and tropical bushlands.

Black Rhinos are actually grey.They have a pointed upper lip.They're browsers and eat bushes and trees.This animal is a Mammal, a herbivore, it weighs about 3,080 lbs. and it is about 6 ft. tall.

They became endangered in the 1990's.The European hunters are responbile for the early decline of Black Rhinos populations. It was NOT UNcommon for 5 to 6 rhinos to be killed for amusement and food in a day. These Rhinos were reffered to as vermin and were exterminated at all costs.

2 Interesting Facts1. Rhino is also a nickname2. A group of rhinos is called Crash.

Black Rhino


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