Black Rhino

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Black Rhino

ClassificationPhylum: chordataClass: mamaliaOrder: perysadoctylaFamily: rhinocerotadaeGenus: dicerosSpecies: bicornisScientific name: diceros bicornis


Miscellaneous facts1.Can run up to 30mph2.Can live up to 50 years3.Poor eyesight4.Red and yellow bellied ox peckers clean the ticks off of them.

Food Chain

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Shared resourcesBlack rhinos share many resources with other animals. One resource they share with other rhinos is mud wallows for shelter and refreshment on hot savannah days. Another thing rhinos share is trees for food. They share trees with gazelles and giraffes. A third resource Rhinos share with all the animals on the savannah is the river and watering holes for water.

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EcosystemThe Black rhino lives in the grasslands of southern and eastern Africa. It is a solitary animal and it usually lives out on its own but it shares the grassland with many other species including: Okapi, Gazelles, Hippos, Giraffes, and zebras. The Black rhino is an herbivore so it eats only plants like grass and trees. Black rhinos only have one predator that would even attempt to take down a rhino and that is a pack of lions. Other animals like hyenas try to get the rhino calves but the fast cheetahs usually have more success.


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