[2015] Jacob Hudson: Black Panther

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[2015] Jacob Hudson: Black Panther


Black panther

Miscellaneous FactsThe black panther can be found in the tropical rain forest of north and south America, Asia and Africa. They live there along with many animals, including: Cheetahs, frogs, birds, snakes, monkeys and many more. Some pray of the black panther are deer, impala, pigs, dogs andsometimes fish.The panther has to watch out for its predators including: lions, tigers, pythons, alligators and mankind.

Food Chain

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Shared ResourcesThe panther shares food water and shelter with different animal. The panther shares the food with the cheetah. While the panther uses the food for eating, the cheetah uses it for eating and feeding their young.The panther also shares the water with the python. The python uses it for swimming.

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EcosystemThe black panther has many different habitats including, rain forest, marshland, woodlands, swamps, savanahs, mountians and deserts. The reason the panther can survive in so many different habitats is that they have many different food sources. including, mammles, reptiles and even birds. panthers have many troical plants around it to. including, orchids, bromliad and bannanas.The rain forest is a beautiful inviorment and i soggust reading more about it.


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