Black like me

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Black like me

In the 1900s Negroes usually had poor jobs due to the unfair job opertunities given by white people so the Negroes could live a poorer life than a white person.

John HowardGriffin

White mobs against black people

I'll stand by you, by the pretenders relates to Black like me because the song is all about giving a person some decent comfort. Even though the person is black or from some foreign country should be given some kidness you would give to a family member or someone you care about. This is what John Griffin was trying to accomplish during his entire journey. This is why I'll stand by you is the best song related to Black like me.

By the pretenders

Black like me

Black like meIn this story a man named John Griffin noticed multiple situations were the modern white man could abuse a black man anytime it felt nesisary to him. John tanned himself black to see what it was like living a black life. He travled from his home Louissiana to Mississippi and encountered many situations when white men took away basic human rights from him because he was black. John travled to Mississipi and began writing a article about court trials against black men and how the were unfair. People in Mississippi reacted violenlty by hanging a black maniquin to ofend John. He eventually overcame this with the help of police and wrote a book about his journey

RacismThe theme of Black like me is racism. This is a huge problem John had to overcome as a Negro so he could make a change

Literary devicesSymbolism: John, in the beginning of the book described the current night to be as black as the common Negro.Medephore: John used a medaphore to describe the night being as black as him " Night comming tenderly Black like me". He used this to show that he was not alone. Like the night they were both black and did not bother anything that wanted to be bothered. This is like white people waiting to be bothered by a black poerson, only so he can make an exuse to yell and to be racist to that Negro.

I'll stand by you

Negro chicken farmer

Common 1900's white only signes

Alliteration: John used the method of Alliteration to compare black people with animals that are in constant fear. This is because animals fear predetors like the black society fears the white people. "They are always on the hunt to humiliate... or torture any Negro they find pleasurable"

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