Black Like Me

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Black Like Me

“He who is less than just is less than man.”

“f you stick around this town, you’ll find out you’re going to end up doing most of your praying for a place to piss. It’s not easy, I’m telling you.”

“ ‘I’ll tell you how it is here. We’ll do business with you people. We’ll sure as hell screw your women. Other than that, you’re just completely off the record as far as we’re concerned.’ ”

In the Matter of Two MenOne does such work as one will not,And well each knows the right;Though the white storm howls, or the sun is hot,The black must serve the white.And it’s, oh, for the white man’s softening flesh,While the black man’s muscles grow!Well I know which grows the mightier,I know; full well I know.The white man seeks the soft, fat place,And he moves and he works by rule.Ingenious grows the humbler raceIn Oppression’s prodding school.And it’s, oh, for a white man gone to seed,While the Negro struggles so!And I know which race develops most,I know; yes, well I know.The white man rides in a palace car,And the Negro rides “Jim Crow.”To damn the other with bolt and bar,One creepeth so low; so low!And it’s, oh, for a master’s nose in the mire,While the humbled hearts o’erflow!Well I know whose soul grows big at this,And whose grows small; I know!The white man leases out his land,And the Negro tills the same.One works; one loafs and takes command;But I know who wins the game!And it’s, oh, for the white man’s shrinking soil,As the black’s rich acres grow!Well I know how the signs point out at last,I know; ah, well I know!The white man votes for his color’s sake,While the black, for his is barred;(Though “ignorance” is the charge they make),But the black man studies hard.And it’s, oh, for the white man’s sad neglect,For the power of his light let go!So, I know which man must win at last,I know! Ah, Friend, I know!by James D. Carrothers

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. - Martin Luther King Jr.

EqualityYou declare you see me dimly through a glass which will not shine, though I stand before you boldly, trim in rank and marking time. You do own to hear me faintly as a whisper out of range, while my drums beat out the message and the rhythms never change. Equality, and I will be free. Equality, and I will be free. You announce my ways are wanton, that I fly from man to man, but if I'm just a shadow to you, could you ever understand ? We have lived a painful history, we know the shameful past, but I keep on marching forward, and you keep on coming last. Equality, and I will be free. Equality, and I will be free. Take the blinders from your vision, take the padding from your ears, and confess you've heard me crying, and admit you've seen my tears. Hear the tempo so compelling, hear the blood throb in my veins. Yes, my drums are beating nightly, and the rhythms never change. - Maya Angelou

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Black Like MeBy: John Griffin

“They’re getting sassier every day.”


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