black holes

by misslegacy
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black holes

Black holes

Black holes are the center of every galaxy because that’s what holds a galaxy together. Including the Milky Way.Black holes have the most gravitational pull. There are two different types of black holes. There are black holes and super massive black holes.Black holes get bigger by collecting other stuff like other stars, light, planets or any thing near the black hole. Black holes form from dyeing stars. The speed of a black hole is greater than the speed of light. The black hole in the center of the Milky Way is a super massive black hole. Black holes are surprisingly light. A black holes weight is about as heavy as a car or a semi trailer.Most black holes like this one takes, the light and then spits it out the other end. Some black holes, like a super massive black hole, everything goes to it and stases with it. I learned not all black holes are the same and I learned that black holes don't weigh a lot. I also learned that the light coming from a black hole is called a jet


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