Black Holes

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Black Holes

Black Hole Gravity Chart

Black Holes

Journey Into a Black Hole

Black holes are tiny- about the size of NYC. But they are the most massive thing in the known universe. Black holes have such a big gravitational force, that nothing can escape from them. There are 3 different kinds of black holes: Stellar, Supermassive, and Miniature black holes. Stellar black holes are the most common type of them all. A lot of people think that when a massive star explodes, (like a blue giant) you get a black hole. That is not always true. Usually when a big star explodes it turns into a Neutron Star. But if the neutrons can't stop the collapse of the big star, a black hole is formed.No one actually knows what forms a supermassive black hole. They are found in the middle of large galaxys, like the Milky Way. Many believe that Supermassive black holes were formed out of massive gas cloud collapses, in the early stages of the formation of the galaxy it exists in.No one has actually discovered a Miniature black hole; it's just a theory.

Simple black holes are divided into 3 active regions: the Ergosphere, Event Horizen, and Singularity. The Ergosphere is where objects can still escape the black hole's gravitational pull. The Event Horizen is where objects might be able to stay in orbit. When SpaceTime is distorted there is no escape. You will be crushed 1/10 of a sec before reaching the Singularity.

Journey Into a Black Hole


There is still much we don't know about black holes. For example, what is in the Singularity? Is it possible that black holes are wormholes to different dimensions? Is it possible that we are inside a black hole? No one has ever been inside a black hole before, and lived to tell the tale. Who knows where science will take us next?

By Maddie Kaiser


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