Black History

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Black History

BLACK HISTORYAfrican-American History

DESCRIBE THE PERIODFirst African Slaves arrive in Virgina. Slaverly is very important to the economy and lifestlye of the colonist in this time period. One could argue that slaves could help demonstrate how much power you have. Money is power buying more slaves will produce more crops for cheap. Minimize costs maximize profits.



DESCRIBE THE PERIODCivil war began against the Confedearcy and the Union. African Americans saw this as a great opportunity for them to become free by helping fight with the Union to take down the confedearcy. December 6th 1865 was when slaves became free. There was a long history of


DESCRIBE THE PERIODEven today we are still struggling with racism in the world. Things have improved dramitically but we as a country still have a long way to go. We went from abusive racism and violent racism to sterotype racism. For example the chart above shows the statistics on the majority of people who do drugs and then the majority of people who go to prison for drugs. They dont add up. In the video above it talks about white privelage and the consequences of that. Even though I would say that life for minorties have improved they are still not perfect. As a whole we have a long way to go and should make strides to make sure that everyone is treated equally.

DESCRIBE THE PERIODRace Relations kept getting better as African Americans begin to establish their culture identity. Movements such as Martin Luther King JR, Malcom X, Rosa Parks gave the African American community and power. One way they were able to establish that power is through athletics and music. In this time Jackie Robinson become the first African American Professional Baseball player and excelled. African Americans were playing swing music around this time and excelled in the music industry. Schools started to become equal as the United States made strides in that effort. This was a very important time in African American history.



DESCRIBE THE PERIODThings continue to get better for African Americans as around this time there is a ban on slaves that are imported from Africa. Brave people such as Harriet Tubman begin to make major contributions. Especially in the formation of the Underground railroad. Which was used for Slaves to escape safely into the North.


DESCRIBE THE PERIOD In 1787 slaves are banned in the Northwest Territory giving hope to African Americans that everyone will follow suit. Still most states still allowed slavery and depended on its economic value.

Martin Luther King Jr

Slaves working in Plantations

Are Relations better today?

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