Black Death

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Black Death

The Black Death also known as The Plague was a disaster without parallel. Back in the 1300s most people didn’t know they had The Plague until it was too late. The Plague was commonly found in medieval villages. The villages were very dirty and had lots of animals scattered and straying around. A visit to the City wasn’t better either, bodies were laying upon the streets. No one knew what was causing all these deaths, they just found it to be another common sickness. Since bodies were on the streets, rats or any stray animals had to provide themselves with food so they would eat the sick bodies, passing the disease onto themselves.

The Black Death

The Plague was commonly found in Europe. When the disease hit the Mediterranean, all the ships that were trading, had started to slowly get the disease.

The rats then boarded ships that merchants were upon and they carried the disease to the merchants food and drinks. The merchants started getting each other sick and many merchants died on voyages for trade. These merchants were called the Merchants of Death. They were called this, because the merchants would pass the sickness from their home to new places where they were trading, causing the disease to spread in a large variety. Many people and villages stopped letting merchants dock in their harbors. They tried to prevent the disease, but it was too late… the rats who carried the disease had already gotten miles onto the land. Beneath the shadows people EVERYWHERE started getting sick. "it killed approximately 25 million people", people just didn’t understand how deadly the Black Death was.

By: Timothy L. Biel

This image shows at what years the plagues spread around Europe.

"it killed approximately 25 million people"(6)

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