The black death

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The black death

The medicine and science was very primitive. People at this time thought that the black death was provoced by the influence of heavenly bodies.Others said it was because god had aliniated the astros.People were very religious, most of them thought it was because god was angry, that he was punishing them.There are theories that say that it was transmitted by rats and fleas.Other diseases have been postulated by scientists, and some scholars believe that there was a pandemic of several diseases. Some believed in demonic dogs. Some people accused the jews of poisoning wells, the result was horrific persecution of jews. Microscopes didn't exist, so investigation was difficult. The university of Paris, after serious investigation ascribed the plague to a combination of earthquakes and astrological forces.Nowadays, according to studies in 2010 from scientists we knwo that it was caused by the bacteria Yersinitis pestis. It is NOT caused by a virus.


1333- Central China1347 - Europe1348 - London1349 - 3000 jews killed in Germany1349- 200 people burried everyday1351- Moscow, the whole continent is now affected1381- Peasant's revolt

The black death was probably the most devastating pandemic or plague of all time.During the Middle Ages, science was primitive so people didn't know the causes of the plague.In this short project I'm going to talk about what people thought about the black death and about what we know now including history, causes, effects, etc.I hope that we will understand this tragedy better!


75- 200 millions are the estimated deaths in the 14th century.

Conclusion and sources

CONCLUSIONI hope that after this presentation I understand the black death, its effects and causes. We need to be grateful of the knowledge we have.SOURCES-






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