Black Death

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Black Death

Death by Plague

Tracing the Path of the Black Death

The rats carried the plague to Europe. When fleas infested the rats, the plague was transfered to the fleas. When men unloaded the ships they got in contact with the fleas. Once humans came in contact with the plague the Black Death spread like wildfire.

The Black Death spread from central and eastern Asia to Sicily. The plague traveld throughout Europe and was initially brought to Europe on trading ships. With the ships came rats and fleas that carried the plague.


Living conditions in Eroupe during the Middle Ages were less than ideal. Rats thrived on the garbage in the streets and took over living quarters. Most people who came into contact with someone with the plague, or rats/fleas carrying the plague, fell ill and ultimately died.

Historians estimate that 25 million people died from the Black Death in Europe between 1347 and 1352, that is 1/3rd of Europe's population. In England alone 1,000 villages were abandoned; when neighbors fell ill families would flee thier village leaving what they once knew as home. In Florence, Italy, more than half of the population died because of the Black Death.

The manor system fell apart in most places because there was not enough people left to work the fields. Suddenly, the peasants and serfs who survived could demand a higher wage, since their labor was in high demand. Once they had enough money peasants and serfs would flee their manors and travel to Europe's growing cities. Population did not get back to pre-plague numbers until 250 years after the Black Death. Trade was affected , it was too hard to produce or obtain goods because of the shortage of workers.




Living Conditions




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